As with many other outdoor and nature photographers,  my inspiration to pick up the camera came early on as a byproduct of my hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor experiences. I began taking photographs when I was given a Kodak Brownie at the age of six, and I soon began recording the places I hiked and visited. A few years later I moved on to 35mm equipment, and over twenty  years ago, into medium and large format photography.  

My first photographic inspirations were  Elliot Porter, Ansel Adams, and Phillip Hyde. Later on came Ernst Haas, Morley Baer, and Edward Weston. Many contemporary photographers now give me inspiration and I thank them for their fine work.

Since 1985 I’ve photographed what I like and what inspires me, trying to focus on the moment instead of the market. Although I travel and photograph throughout the West,  I avoid popular destinations as much as possible. But when I find myself in a popular spot that is too inspiring to avoid, I endeavor to find something new there, or at least put my personal stamp on it. The manifestation of that effort is represented here to the best of my ability. 

My primary emphasis over the years has been the fine print, and I’ve been fortunate to find a number of galleries to represent me periodically.

My work has been featured in View Camera Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Nature's Best Photography Magazine, Art of

Paul Wiles
Seeing (Alcove Books), Territory Ahead, and several well-known nature calendars —including Audubon, Sierra Club, Golden Turtle Press, Avalanche, MeadWest, Gladstone Media, and Willow Creek Press — as well as greeting cards from Sierra Club and Red Oak. Still, nothing is quite as satisfying to me as selling a fine print to someone who’s really going to enjoy it.

The credit for the design and creation of this website goes to my wife, Joyce Winslow. A fine artist in her own right, she is my trusted confidante in all matters  that pertain to the merits of good photography, and her aesthetic sensibilities have been indispensable. 

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