How to Use the Lightbox

Using the lightbox is analogous to using the "wish list" or "shopping cart" feature in many commercial sites. The lightbox allows you to select and save images for future viewing.

To create a lightbox, simply click in the box underneath each image. A checkmark will appear in the box, as shown in the example below:

Image selected for the lighbox

Saving your selections. Your lightbox will automatically be saved for 365 days. You may view it again whenever you visit the Paul Wiles Photography site by clicking VIEW LIGHTBOX (at the top of the page, directly beneath the Gallery heading). You may also email the lightbox to yourself (see "Emailing your lightbox selections" below).

Viewing your selections. When you have selected all the images you wish to view, click VIEW LIGHTBOX at the top of the page, directly beneath the Gallery heading:

View Lightbox button

Editing your lightbox. If you wish, you can edit your lightbox by deselecting images you no longer wish to keep. To deselect an image, click in the box again and the checkmark will disappear. If you want to clear the lightbox altogether, click CLEAR LIGHTBOX at the top of your lightbox page.

Emailing your lightbox selections. You may email your lightbox to anyone by clicking EMAIL LIGHTBOX at the top of your lightbox page and entering the requested information in the pop-up menu shown below. Note that you may also send a copy to yourself to save for easy reference, or to forward to someone else.

email your lightbox


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