Most of the images on this site have been produced from a Toyo AII  4 x 5 field view camera and a Pentax 67 and 67 II (6 x 7cm image size) camera, with the exception of a few selected 35mm images produced from an assortment of Nikon SLR camera bodies (including, most currently, an F6) and lenses. Beginning in late 2010 I acquired a Nikon D3X DSLR, which was then replaced by the Nikon D800e and subsequently the Nikon D810. As of late 2017 I now use the Nikon D850.

Since 1996 I've been using the Toyo almost exclusively when I shoot film, employing a combination of Nikkor and Schneider lenses. My film of choice is Fujichrome Velvia transparency film, which I've used—with very few exceptions—since 1990. Prior to that, my primary film choice was Kodachrome 25.

I personally edit each image and every one of my prints reflects my personal vision and overall control of the process. To obtain the highest resolution museum-quality prints, the original 4 x5 transparencies are scanned on a Heidelberg Tango drum scanner and printed on Fuji Crystal Archive papers using (most recently) the Chromira ZBE printer. I prefer using the Fuji supergloss paper surfaces for their unparalleled look of depth, sharpness, and saturation, and because the results I get with supergloss most closely convey what I feel about an image.

I believe these prints represent the finest quality that currently can be produced. (The following image prefixes indicate the original format: 'SF' means 35mm, 'MF' means 6 x 7cm, and LF means 4 x 5".)

In the field I use three Gitzo tripods (a 504R, and carbon fiber tripods GT5561SGT and GT2532), depending upon hiking distance and lens use, among other considerations. My ball heads are a Foba Superball and an Acratech, as well as a Wimberley Head Version 2 for telephoto work. I carry a small complement of filters, but generally use only a pair of polarizers and graduated neutral density filters. Lowe photopacks round out my gear.

For publication purposes and for the web, I personally scan all my transparencies on either a Nikon 9000ED (35mm and medium format images) or a Microtek 1800f (large format images). For editing I use the latest version of Photoshop running on an enhanced Mac platform and I proof my prints on an Epson printer.

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